Gotta Brag

While perusing through today’s FaceBook stuff, I happened on a piece of music that tagged Kris, so I followed it, naturally.  The piece had been arranged by a Marine and it was pretty good, but the intriguing comments under it led me to another link that took me to the show he recieved such high praise for while he was stationed in Okinawa. 

I know that he wrote the percussion and the vocal features in the show and he also did a ton of the production work to put the show on. 

As a father, and having seen some of the show already, I was still impressed with, and very proud of all that he has accomplished while in the Marine Band, especially when I can recall his first days as a drummer so many years ago.  I hope you get a chance to watch this video.  It was taken by a person in the audience and placed on YouTube.

Here is the LINK.


Start of Summer


Been awhile since this blog got it’s last update.

Have spent all spring working in the yard and getting into trouble.  What’s new, right?

Baackyard Hanging Garden

Not enough room to plant a flat garden, but the sky is the limit in this configuration.

Thought I would take a few pictures to prove I do anything all day while Vickie is slaving away at the factory.


Campfire Pit

God really blessed us when He gave us a house with a back yard campground complete with a fire pit.



The Backyard Campground

The Backyard Campground


The view from the cheap seats.

The view from the cheap seats.


The big sugar maple tree surrounded by hostas.

The big sugar maple tree surrounded by hostas.


Thanks to Jeff Moss, we now have a water hydrant on the south side too...

Thanks to Jeff Moss, we now have a water hydrant on the south side too...


Hard to tell, but I am only standing a few feet away from the bird on the feeder.

Hard to tell, but I am only standing a few feet away from the bird on the feeder.






Hope y’all get a chance to stop by and burn some wood with us.

Trip to Cherry Point Air Show



We took a fast trip to Cherry Point NC to go to the air show that they hold there annually.  it was a really great show.

The first night, Kris was able to be with us in the “VIP Chalet” which he had gotten us passes for.  The band was originally scheduled to perform a couple of tents down from us, but when they marched out, they came all the way down to our tent, and performed directly in front of us.  As I found out later, we were in the same area where all the big dignitaries  were spending their downtime.  All the pilots were coming in and getting free pop and food and everything.  So the kids were able to get their fill of autographs and pictures. Kris made sure we were treated top notch for the weekend. Thanks Kris!!

Kris directing

Kris directing

On Sunday, Kris directed the band, so we were real proud to be there to see him do that.  The band really sounded great.

I am writing this from Kris’s computer as we are all watching a movie on our last night here.  Seems like we just got here and it is time to go.  that is the worst part about coming down to see everyone.  We really had a great time, too.  We definitely got sunburns to write about having spent three days on the tarmac at the base.    Sunday was the wort day for rain.  it literally rained from noon on for the rest of the day.  So sunday afternoon, meemaw and megan went to the mall, and Peepaw and Kris tried our best to find something on the TV that had language that 3yr olds could hear.  Not at all easy to do.

Hope the trip back to Indiana is blessed.  This will be the first trip in the daylight.  We will be able to see the mountains instead of driving in the blackness of night.

We are also so blessed that Joel and katie watched over the house and Little Joe while we were gone.  they were a great help!!

What’s Next?

The apostle paul in his letter to the church at Phillipi talks about how he felt about his life.
“If I live, it will be for Christ, and if I die, I will gain even more. I don’t know what to choose. I could keep on living and doing something useful. It is a hard choice to make. I want to die and be with Christ, because that would be much better.  Above all else, you must live in a way that brings honor to the good news about Christ. Then, whether I visit you or not, I will hear that all of you think alike. I will know that you are working together and that you are struggling side by side to get others to believe the good news”. (Phil1:21-27)

Since God has not called me home yet,  I know that we will keep on worshiping  Him openly and hopefully leading worship somewhere. We are in prayer asking God where to go. We are presently planning to visit Fulton Baptist where our dear friends the Bruce and Beth Russell  minister.
We have recieved so much encouragement from all of our friends at Calvary Union and have been overwhelmed by the way they have opened up to us and our needs, but others have voiced concerns about some things that have been bothering them at church.
I need to encourage those who have issues with pastor Mike to prayerfully take those issues to Christ first and then to Pastor Mike. If you are uncomfortable talking to him directly,  put your thoughts and concerns in a loving letter to him. If he replies and you resolve the issue, then you have reconciled with him and have truly glorified God.
If on the other hand he does not respond to you, then pray about what God would have you do next and then follow His leading. 

This life cannot selfishly be about us if we plan to please God.  It really has to be about what God has taught us in His word. About living our lives in the same manner as what Jesus did when he lived on this earth.  He lived a life in obedience to God the father.

“Christ was truly God. But he did not try to remain equal with God. He gave up everything and became a slave, when he became like one of us. Christ was humble. He obeyed God and even died on a cross. Then God gave Christ the highest place and honored his name above all others.  So at the name of Jesus everyone will bow down, those in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.” (Phil2:6-10)

I trust that when we meet on the other side of this struggle, that we have all endeavored to live with one another in a God-Honoring way.  I know that is how I plan to live, and by God’s grace, I will complete that task.

God is great!!

Farewell Letter to the Council



The following is the letter that that was sent to the church council at Calvary Union Church that clarifies my reasons for moving to a new chapter in my ministry.While it is not a complete biography of the events of this year, it is a point where we can all view that God is in the mix and needs to remain at the forefront in all things that we do.


For the last couple of months I have prayed myself to sleep each night and awakened every morning to the same, asking God to direct my steps here at Calvary.   What songs should we sing in order to prepare the hearts of the people to listen to God’s word?  How can I make a better impact on the lives of the people who God has placed in our family here? I have no formal education in music, I don’t even read music, so it is imperative that I am filled with His spirit and leading in order to do anything that will please Him.  If I have done anything in this church that has been a benefit to the church, it has been done by His grace and not by my power. It is and has been my full intent to follow God’s leading fully.


Occasionally we all find ourselves in a position where we face a prickly difference of opinions with our peers, like when Peter returned from visiting the house of the Gentile Cornelius, his Jewish friends accused him of doing something that was unlawful. Peter had sought out and obeyed the will of God but then experienced hostility like he had never known before.  But he did not lose his temper or make any counter charge.  He just patiently answered their accusation.   The Scriptures then tell us that when they listened to what Peter had to say, they glorified God. They were more interested in the souls of men than they were of their own honor.

We may, at times, disagree with each other. That is almost surely going to happen. There is nothing wrong with the act of disagreeing.  Sometimes, disagreement, when handled in a spiritually mature way, can be very beneficial.  But when disagreement is acted on improperly, contentions and divisions are very likely to be the result.  We are to avoid strife that leads to divisions and contentions at all costs according to (Proverbs 20:22).

We may be accused unfairly by another believer, but this does not pave the way for disobedience from the one who feels wronged.  When we have any choice or control in the matter, we need to let God intervene for us.  (Proverbs 20:3)

This scripture has helped me understand so much better where I think we stand right now.   When I consider the events of the last few weeks, I cannot help but relate to the events that seem to run parallel in the lives of Paul and Barnabas, faithful friends and coworkers who disagreed on where their ministry should go,  and there was “contention so sharp between them, that they departed asunder from one another:” (Acts 15:39)

The Problem (v. 37-38)  The personal convictions of Paul and Barnabas were the problem. Barnabas the “Son of Encouragement” was willing to give John Mark (his cousin) another chance. Remember that he had deserted them in Pamphylia. When the going got tough, Mark hit the road. We don’t really know why, but from Paul’s assessment, it probably wasn’t for health reasons.  And Paul didn’t think it was wise to take a deserter with them.

Barnabas was thinking of the man (Mark), and Paul was thinking of the mission (it wasn’t a picnic). And they were both very persistent. The word in the Gr. that is used to describe this disagreement means “a severe argument based on intense difference of opinion.”  Although the disagreement was intense and emotions probably ran high, it did not then, and does not now necessitate sin. It is never stated that Paul, Barnabas, or their supporters ever resorted to name-calling, character assassination, rounding up support, throwing things, etc. It does not say that they lost their cool, their head, or their temper. They probably realized that there was not clear scriptural commands regarding such a situation, and that their problem was not theological, but opinion in nature. Even though their fight was heated, and unresolved, they maintained their religion. With the influence of the Spirit, they kept their actions under control.

The Solution (v. 39) Consider the possibility of a Spirit inspired discord. The Dynamic Duo decided to part ways. They decided that, even though firm in their disagreement, Christ was more important. So again, they are careful about what they do. They don’t say things that they will regret later. They don’t compromise their personal convictions. Yet, they are gracious and humble, but convinced that with this particular disagreement, they could no longer work together.





The Results (v. 40) Before, there was one mission team that we know about. Now there are two. There used to be two missionaries, and now there are four. And they are going to pick up Timothy in the next chapter, so their will be five. Only one area could be covered at a time, and now two. Think of the exponential possibilities that exist now, rather than before. Now jump way down the road, remember that the possibility was left open for later reconciliation. Paul affirms the ministry of Barnabas in his letter to the Corinthians. He also later mentions Mark as being useful to him. 2. Rom 8:28, Gen 50:20, 1 Cor 9:6, Col 4:10, 2 Tim 4:11,

 There is no situation so chaotic that God cannot from that situation, create something that is surpassingly good. He did it at the creation. He did it at the cross. He is doing it today.  We must remember that God has the ability and wisdom to turn a seemingly bad situation and use it for His good and glory. So we must not begrudge suffering or difficult situations or disagreements, but we must handle them in a Christ-like fashion and leave the results to God. MWe must view these situations as opportunities for God to show Himself mighty, and always be open for reconciliation.

We are never really told who was right, but we know that God is far more concerned about His glory than over a dispute about whose going on a mission trip or how a certain ministry should be operated. God is focused on His Kingdom!

As for me, I feel no animosity toward Pastor Mike. On the contrary, I love him dearly and ask God daily that He will instill Mike with His power and with all wisdom so that he can clearly lead this church in God’s direction and timing.  

I feel no animosity toward the church, and am extremely concerned that my actions, whatever they are, will negatively affect the body there.  

And yet there is this “contention” between us that is so strong, that if we continue on the same road we are now travelling, we will surely do harm to the ministry here.  It is from this deep concern that I considered it far better, and for the glory of the Lord and for the obvious work that He is building, that we must as did Paul and Barnabas, part ways. 

I sincerely trust that someday we will be able to reflect on this time and see how the Lord had His miraculous hand on this whole situation and I pray that we will all conduct ourselves in a way that will bring honor and glory to our precious Lord.  There is so much work to do in this day in which we live.   We must not spend our time in contentious struggles, but rather we must ask the Lord to help us, as leaders, to respond to the Spirit’s conviction, understanding that God is bringing changes, growth and improvements to the church, individuals and its ministries, and to help us submit to the sovereign will of God in all things with Christ as the head of His church who controls all things.

Finally, it has been an honor to serve this body for all these years and I thank you all for giving me this opportunity to praise the Lord in your midst.  I will deeply miss your constant fellowship and I will continue to pray that God will finish His work in you all.  Please know that I leave considering you my dear brothers in Christ and I sincerely hope that you will continue to uphold me in your prayers also.

To this end I will make myself freely available to complete a seamless transition in whatever way the Council deems prudent and necessary.


In Christ,

Paul Hutsell