About Paul


I am Paul Hutsell from Logansport, Indiana.  I am a Christ following, married (since 1974) father of 2 boys,  and a grandfather of 12.

For the last 25+ years I have always held at least two jobs. One has always been Minister of Music at Calvary Union Church in Walton, Indiana, and the other has been working at whatever factory God has placed me.

As of April 2009, I no longer serve at Calvary Union Church, and I am retired from my factory job. I have never before had the time to spend with my family or to really focus full time on one career. I now have the time. Praise The Lord!! More recently I have been working with the leadership at Shiloh Christian Church to enhance with the administration duties as they grow in the Lord there.

I am not a theologian, but rather a dedicated follower of Christ who loves Him with my very being, and trusts Him completely with my whole life. I endeavor to take a considerable amount of time each day in His Word and in prayer so my life can be an open testimony of His grace and mercy. I encourage all who read anything written here, to follow in the same manner and test what His will is in their lives, and feel open to comment on what God is doing in their lives too. I look forward to open dialogue.


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