When you go through a life change, you get a chance to look back and look retrospectively at your previous chapter of your life and it prompts you to ask some poignant questions regarding how you lived and whether you made a difference in the lives of those who spent time with you. Was the effect positive? ¬†Mostly you have to answer whether or not you blasphemed the name of Christ. Did you cause others to distrust your testimony? Were you an avenue for life? or death? ¬†In a sentence, did you ,” in all that you say or do, do all to the glory of Christ? ITim 6:1 calls us to respect all masters we are servants for.

I am in this vein right now. After working for thankless masters for several years, did I inject too much opinion or negative sarcasm for them to still see their need for the love of Christ.

Retirement in and of itself is a bit scary with all the changes that come with it, but along with the changes comes time to look inside and affect a few other changes too. The desire to take more time with my family, my wife, and all those friends and acquaintances who have been neglected because of the busyness of life. So many have gone on to their eternity. What all did I miss?

One thing I know for sure is that I have a strong desire to honor Christ in the time He has afforded me.

I trust His care for sure but also need His guidance every day. I want to serve Him to the best of my abilities

So here’s putting off the things that are behind and pressing forward toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:14