Officially Cranky

Well today I was called rude and cranky. Could it be true?
Went to our Sunday chicken place to get some chicken for lunch after Sunday church. Usually we get the meal but I was just not in the mood for all the extra stuff. We like to use chicken because the leftovers make lunch making pretty easy for the week. I can make some pretty tasty chicken and noodles with just a leftover breast that works well for two people. But today I just wanted chicken, cole slaw and some green beans. No biscuits, potatoes, gravy, fake butter, fake honey… just chicken, slaw, and beans.
After ordering, the girl on the other end informed me that I would receive all the extras and gave me my total, to which I said, “Please just chicken slaw and beans. Give me what I order, not what you decide I should have.” With that I was invited to drive to the window where a manager waited on me.
I asked her what I was getting since I still was not sure I was going to get what I had ordered. She then informed me that I had been rude to the girl on the intercom. I promptly apologized and clarified that all I wanted was 2 slaws, 1 green bean and an eight piece bucket of chicken. I got my chicken and a new sack, that I assume was introduced without the fore mentioned stuff, and I got my chicken slaw and green beans, paid my bill (which went up because they probably had to figure what to do with all the other stuff in the first bag) and left.
End of story, right? Not quite.
Apparently my wife agreed with the girl behind the speaker. Seems she thought I should have just taken whatever she wanted to sell me and keep the peace.
So now I know what rudeness really is. It is expecting others to listen to you and then respond accordingly.
I forget that we live in this millennial snowflake filled society that cares so little for others but speaks so sweetly.
Rudeness is expecting others to courteously pay attention to you when you speak, the same way you do for them.
In order to adjust my ways, I think I will start cooking from scratch right here at home. I can cook these snowflakes under the table anyway. From here on it is steak, liver and onions, hamburger steak for breakfast, chives in my scrambled eggs, and plenty of pepper jack in whatever I want to cook.
But I also guarantee you, that if you ask me for scrambled eggs for breakfast, that will be exactly what you will get.

Crank at you later.


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