God Forced His Will On Us

Been a long time since I updated this blog.So much has happened in the past 2 years.  God has placed me at at new job, for one, and has made it possible for Vickie to become a stay at home wife and grandma (Meemaw). 

So many times we have prayed, “Lord lead us in the way we need to go for Your glory.” and He always seems to make His will known.  Sometimes I think our weaknesses often make us unable to see His leading.  It seems that He has to force us to do things instead.

After being laid off at one job for nearly a year, He moved me to another job.  As a person on unemployment is required to do to receive benefits, I had registered my resume at the state level’s unemployment office. Considering the rate of unemployment rising so fast, we held little hope of any positive response from the resume, but the call came from a temp service that they wanted a fresh resume because they thought I might be a good candidate for a job opening they were attempting to fill.  It would be a “long term temp” job, but it was more than enough to meet our budget requirements at home, and a lot more than we were receiving in unemployment benefits for sure.

The resume was sent and they forwarded it to Ball Corporation in a nearby city that makes cans.  Pop cans, beer cans, and other beverage cans. Well, Ball said they would like to interview me so I went, and lo and behold, they wanted to hire me…. for more money than my old job.  

Here is how God FORCED us to see His will. Well as it turns out, one thing that you are required to do to receive benefits is to Look For A Job and as well to Accept a Job when it comes. Our choices included saying NO to the job and also losing our unemployment benefits in hopes that the old job, which was a few minutes walk away, would call me back to work. Or to say Yes to the new job and accept the considerable pay raise and drive a few miles to and from work each day. Even more, if we said yes to the new job, we would also be eligible to get a severance package of a few thousand dollars from my last job. No decisions.  We were in a position without choices. God had forced His will on us in a way we could easily see.  We thanked Him for showing us His way and took the job!!

I often wonder what might have happened if we had been walking this earth in our own strength, without God by our side making our way clear.. removing obstacles, or placing things in just such an order that would guarantee our benefit.  How could all of the elements have come together without His divine providence?  What if we had relied only on our own understanding of our situation? our own limited wisdom? or just dumb luck?

We thank God even more these days having seen His miraculous move in our lives, and wait with anticipation to see what His next move will be.  We long not only to see his face, but also to be in His perfect will in every breath that we take, every step we take. May He give us the strength and determination to reach that high and lofty goal each and every day.


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