So this is what retirement looks like!!

Praise the Lord for His providence.  Entering a new year on unemployment is definitely a work of faith in progress, but He has not failed us yet, so we will trust Him to sustain us even now.

The Christmas season was very enjoyable as we were able to spend time with both Kris and Joel’s families.  The biggest difference was that it was not spent at our house.  We even left the tree in the attic.

We spent Christmas with Kris and Megan and the kids in eastern North Carolina where we assumed it would be warmer, but, with exception of a couple of days,  it was a normal cold Christmas with the exception of snow.

We had a great time there, and when we came home, we spent New Year’s (Christmas) with Joel and Katie and their girls. Joel had to work a lot over Christmas too, so this worked out great for them too.

Lately my time has been spent searching for potential employment just in case they don’t call us back very soon.  Until then, we will just keep the old belt cinched up real tight and do things real frugally.

God has been blessing so much lately and I have personally been encouraged with some possibilities to serve Him to an even greater degree.  I have recently been allowed to sing with  or audition for a couple of  established SG quartets.   Please pray that God will lead in whatever way He wants me to go, because both quartets have openings that I could fill.

One quartet is very well established and has a busy schedule.  The other quartet could really use someone to help them develop their sound a lot, so I need to make sure that I am following the Lord’s leading and not my own.

I also started going to the local Barbershop Harmony Society chapter in Kokomo to enjoy honing my craft and as well enjoying singing those close-knit harmonies.

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