Gotta Brag

While perusing through today’s FaceBook stuff, I happened on a piece of music that tagged Kris, so I followed it, naturally.  The piece had been arranged by a Marine and it was pretty good, but the intriguing comments under it led me to another link that took me to the show he recieved such high praise for while he was stationed in Okinawa. 

I know that he wrote the percussion and the vocal features in the show and he also did a ton of the production work to put the show on. 

As a father, and having seen some of the show already, I was still impressed with, and very proud of all that he has accomplished while in the Marine Band, especially when I can recall his first days as a drummer so many years ago.  I hope you get a chance to watch this video.  It was taken by a person in the audience and placed on YouTube.

Here is the LINK.