Trip to Cherry Point Air Show



We took a fast trip to Cherry Point NC to go to the air show that they hold there annually.  it was a really great show.

The first night, Kris was able to be with us in the “VIP Chalet” which he had gotten us passes for.  The band was originally scheduled to perform a couple of tents down from us, but when they marched out, they came all the way down to our tent, and performed directly in front of us.  As I found out later, we were in the same area where all the big dignitaries  were spending their downtime.  All the pilots were coming in and getting free pop and food and everything.  So the kids were able to get their fill of autographs and pictures. Kris made sure we were treated top notch for the weekend. Thanks Kris!!

Kris directing

Kris directing

On Sunday, Kris directed the band, so we were real proud to be there to see him do that.  The band really sounded great.

I am writing this from Kris’s computer as we are all watching a movie on our last night here.  Seems like we just got here and it is time to go.  that is the worst part about coming down to see everyone.  We really had a great time, too.  We definitely got sunburns to write about having spent three days on the tarmac at the base.    Sunday was the wort day for rain.  it literally rained from noon on for the rest of the day.  So sunday afternoon, meemaw and megan went to the mall, and Peepaw and Kris tried our best to find something on the TV that had language that 3yr olds could hear.  Not at all easy to do.

Hope the trip back to Indiana is blessed.  This will be the first trip in the daylight.  We will be able to see the mountains instead of driving in the blackness of night.

We are also so blessed that Joel and katie watched over the house and Little Joe while we were gone.  they were a great help!!


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